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When people call your gym for information, do you have a phone script?  Is there a game plan to get their information and appointment made… or does everyone that answers the phone at your business just “wing it”?  Once an appointment is made, what is the confirmation procedure and does every appointment go through it?  Once they arrive, what is the scripted tour?  What is the close in the office like?  What's the follow-up like over the next few days, weeks, and months?
What Are Your Exact Statistics???
  • What percentage of the calls convert into appointments?
  • Of those appointments what percentage sign up as students?
  • Of those that don’t sign-up, what percentage of those appointments get the appropriate follow-up and of those that get the appropriate follow-up?
  • What percentage of the leads end up signing as students within seven days, a month, or more than a month?
  • And of those students that don’t show up to their appointment at all… what sort of follow-up procedure do you have in place to get them back in… or is it just one call attempt?
Feel Clueless?  Don't Worry...
In a moment I’m going to share with you how to answer all those questions and how I have been pulling in over 100 new sign-ups a month.  My highest volume sales month was February 2012 where I hit 154 sign-ups (between 6 and 24 month agreements) and my highest cash collected via strictly new membership down payments (not regular recurring monthly charges) was $78,272.84 in October, 2015, which we did with an even 110 sign-ups.  Below are pics of what those sales boards look like.

FFA’s February 2012 Sales Board… 154 Sign-Ups!

FFA’s October 2015 Sales Board…cash collected via strictly new membership down payments (not regular recurring monthly charges) was $78,272.84 with 110 sign-ups!

In a second I’m going to show you how John Disimone, BJJ black belt and owner of Maxercise, got 26 sign-ups out of 30 appointments (87% sign-up rate!) in his FIRST month after learning this system that I’m about to share with you!  Furthermore, he used our secret “Operation Big Money” to get two students to pay him $19,920 upfront in that same month!  I’m also going to show you how Rory Singer, UFC Veteran and Owner of the Hardcore Gym, TRIPLED his sales and yearly income using this system!  I’m also going to show you how ADCC Trials Champion Jason Selva, of Selva Brazilian Jiujitsu, saved his school with this system, or in his exact words from the video above, “MARCOS AVELLAN SAVED MY LIFE!”

Let me quickly introduce myself… My name is Marcos Avellan.

I opened my martial arts school, the Freestyle Fighting Academy, in 2001, at 21 years old.  By 2004, within three years, I had hosted celebrity seminars with Tito Ortiz, Oleg Taktarov, etc., my brother and I won LOTS of tournaments around the country, our competition team was excelling, we had a 15 year old tap out a brown belt in competition (he would later become a two-time ADCC competitor), we were featured in MANY magazines and even on TV, we got a fighter into the UFC from scratch, my brother and I qualified to compete in the ADCC (the world’s most prestigious submission wrestling tournament), and my brother defeated Rener Gracie in a no-time limit match… all of this happened within three years of opening my gym…
When I started out as a gym owner, I was a passionate, technical, fast, strong, courageous, ass kicking, champion producing, medal winning, BROKE AND IGNORANT martial artist… notice which words I put in bold!  BROKE AND IGNORANT!

I have to emphasize that because despite all the good I was doing as a martial artist, the fact that I was broke and the fact that I was ignorant about business seemed to cast a shadow over all my accomplishments.  On the outside, people thought I was doing great… but at home, I felt the stress of having a pile of bills to pay and no real game plan on how to emerge from the burden of being in debt.  I had about 60 students and couldn’t seem to bust through that glass ceiling no matter how hard I tried.  I was able to put people to fight in the world’s most prestigious shows – but I couldn’t bring home enough profit to provide for my family.

After a few years of sinking into the financial quicksand which was my gym, when I was about to give up and close down the school, I met Master Lloyd Irvin… and he shared with me his sales system…

Me speaking in front of hundreds of MMA & BJJ gym owners, black belts, and UFC fighters.

Today I am one of the most successful MMA gym owners in the world.  My gym has grossed over one million dollars every year since 2009.  It is common to sign up over 100 students a month – with our record being 154 sign-ups in a single month.  What does that mean for me? It means that with all the money made from sales, I have a fighter house where I accommodate for my top athletes so that they can train full time and have an unfair advantage over their competition who work full time jobs.  I have a big over 12,000 square foot facility (I started with only 1,800 sq ft) which has four training rooms, a firearms training facility, locker rooms, showers, a boxing ring, a full size cage, and state of the art equipment.  My team has traveled extensively to train, having traveled all over the country, having gone to Thailand for Muay Thai, Brazil for Jiu-Jitsu, Cuba for Boxing, and Israel for Krav Magra.  I'm able to provide jobs to twenty five employees and contractors – with hundreds of happy students… at one point peaking at just a tad over a thousand students.

My brother and I training for a month at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand

And of course… it also means my personal life has improved… I have traveled to over a dozen countries with my wife, having stayed at some of the most luxurious hotels and vacations spots in the world.  My kids go to the best private school in Miami (their classmates include the kids of celebrities, politicians, and top level CEOs), I enjoy taking my wife out to fancy dinners with limo rides, and live in a gorgeous house… let me put it to you this way… just my swimming pool cost $130,000 – it looks like a swimming pool fit for the Playboy Mansion.

Me and the fighters celebrating in my pool after a big victory

Now I don’t share all of this to brag… I don’t really care to brag… I share all of this to impress upon you how beneficial, important, and life changing my sales system is.

"We've Been Able To Grow Our School From 200 Students To Over 700!"

UFC Fighter and BJJ Black Belt Alan "The Talent" Belcher

"Literally One Of The Greatest Things I Have Ever Done For My Business..."

Royce Gracie Black Belt Rob Kahn

"My Gross Revenues Have Gone Up 450%!"

UFC Fighter and BJJ Black Belt Brian McLaughlin
As badass as I am in sales… I haven’t done a tour of the gym to a potential client in years.  I haven’t filled out a contract, given a free private lesson, or anything like that in YEARS.  The only thing I do is supervise the staff and teach six advanced classes a week.  On that note, I don’t clean the mats, I don’t deal with cancelling students or angry parents, I don’t do any of those jobs… at this point I don’t even train staff anymore…

The hiring process works like this… the gym manager puts an ad on craigslist, picks out the best candidates, interviews them, hires the top prospects, we give them our sales system, they watch it, and that’s it.  All my top sales guys and girls often have pulled in 80% to 90% sales rates in their first week right after studying our sales system on their own.  It is that simple.  While they are learning how to sign up 90% of the leads that come into the school, I’m at home chilling with my family.  THAT is what separates my sales system from any other sales book or course… this is a one-stop shop for everything relating to martial arts sales from A to Z… from picking up the phone to closing the operation big money $10,000 deal upfront…

Yup… we have a deal that allows a student to pay $10,000 upfront for their membership… we have scored almost a hundred of these sort of deals – one time scoring six in a month!  We explain what and how to do this “Operation Big Money” in our system.


BJJ Black Belt World Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu

"In The First Month I Signed Up 26 Out Of 30 Appointments And Collected $19,920 With Two 'Operation Big Money' Sign-Ups... All In The First Month!"

BJJ Black Belt John Disimone

"Marcos Avellan SAVED MY LIFE!"

BJJ Black Belt and ADCC North American Trials Champion Jason Selva

He Shows His Actual Bank Statements In The Video - Check It Out!

You might be thinking… “I don’t know if this can work in my school…”  Do you charge people monthly to train?  If yes, this works for your school!  We have successfully shared this system with BJJ gyms, MMA gyms, Karate gyms – it doesn’t matter.  You don’t need to change the style you teach, you don’t need ANY previous business knowledge or business systems, and you don’t need to find a fast talking car salesman… ANYBODY you have on your staff can easily adopt this system within a week!  We have even gotten teenagers on our scholarship team working sales for us with this system!

The best part about is that students will THANK YOU!  Think of all the students that walk out the door and don’t join because of your gym’s failure to properly communicate the health, confidence, and self defense benefits they would gain by joining your team… I’ve had people come to me after getting their blue belt and tell me how they were so crazy that they almost didn’t join… had we not had our sales system in place, those blue belts would had definitely NEVER joined and would have remained without the benefits we provide.


Keep in mind, I have read over 20 different books on sales, have attended live sales seminars across the country, and have tons of experience working myself in the trenches… you can try to read all the same books, attend all the same seminars, and spend hours and hours testing the stuff out yourself – or you can just pick up my sales system and next week have all your staff pulling in record numbers of sign-ups…

Remember, I had to get books about sales and translate it for martial arts… I got books about selling real estate, cars, etc. and struggled to find ways to make it work for the martial arts business… and I had to spend thousands of dollars in airfare, hotel, and seminar fees to travel everywhere to learn as much as possible about sales…
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No traveling, no translating sales books for your business, and no clumsy trial and error on your own – I’m going to give you a straight huge shot of martial arts sales knowledge that you will be able to apply to your business within 24 hours and see instantaneous results... at a fraction of the price it took for me to develop this system AND with a rock solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  If you don't get the fast results that many of clients got, you can return the system within 30 days and get a full refund!  No questions asked!  

Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing your testimonial about how my sales system was able to explode your profits!  


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